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Plastic Construction Plate Characteristics & Advantages

release time | 2017-03-18

Compared with other steel plate and wood plate, the new type plastic construction plate made by our equipment has following advantages:
Low density, more suitable for high building construction and bridge construction
Wide width, the maximum width is 1250*2500 mm , thus it can  reduce the joints and can improve the mould fixing efficiency.
 1It has a good mechanical property and can be recycle used for 50 times

 2It has a steady quality, won't curve, deform or break. It is water proof, after 24h boiling the layers of it won't seperate.

       The plate can be sawed, nailed, planed like the wood. It won't deform and swell in summer. Its surface won't break in rainy days and      it               won't become fragile in winter.

3It is easy to release Compared with the steel mould, the demoulding time is 1/7.

4The surface is smooth. The plate is easy to remove and easy to clean. The used plate won't adhere any cement without release agent. 

5It is time-saving and can shorten the building project.

6It is corrosion resistant, won't become dirty.
7It has good heat preservation performance. It can be used in winter.
8It can be bent to shape a curve. 

9It can be nailed, sawed, drilled like wood with a better construction performance than wood plate, bamboo plate and small steel plate. It can be tailored to the construction requirement and made into various shape mould.